Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waves like petals of flowers

On the 7th day of August in the year of the LORD 2009, a group of 16 divers departed from Singapore in search for adventures underwater around the waters of the sunny island of Pulau Redang. The following are abstracts from the diary of one of the crew on-board….
Day 1-3:

'It has been 10 hours since we last set off and there is still no sign of the coast. First light is already seen. If we do not reach the harbor (jetty) soon, we may miss our transfer ..... ….. (missing information)…'

… 'We did a total of 5 dives during the trip'…

…' We were greeted by a green turtle (Chelonia mydas) during our first dive, sort of a good welcoming gesture'…

… 'Overall, the dives were good, it was like underwater garden down below. Ecosystem seems healthy…'

… 'Apart from the usual fishes, blue spotted sting rays (Taeniura lymma) were the next most common creatures during this trip which actually made to salivate…thinking of the ikan baka (BBQ stingray)…'

Point to ponder:
Ever wonder why BBQ stinkray taste horrible when cold??


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