Sunday, December 30, 2007

Open up your eyes to the beach..

Some of us may say that the beaches of Singapore are almost dead. This may be true, if we have a quick glance on the beach, seeing nothing but sand and rocks.

Well, look again... The first picture is that of a sole fish and the second is that of a sandstar, Astropecten sp. The 'stone' is in fact a ball sea cucumber! Heres the more obvious pictures..

These are the form of protection mechanism by these creatures by avoiding detection with their colouration. As such, we may not be able to spot them easily... But by going to the beaches with an open mind, who knows what else can be spotted.. On the Changi beach on mainland Siungapore... Kids??
Noo... These kids were excited by the sight of solefish and attempting to follow it... So, these are some of what you can see on the beach...

Note: The above bivalve was alive and flapping its shell when held on hand..

More information on Changi beach can be found on:

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